Anti Aging Eyes Patches 60 Pairs

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We’re happy to announce the latest addition to our store — Eyes Patches. We offer undisputed quality and detailed design that gives you a premium online destination.

At this store, we gurantee the best customer service and worldwide shipping (on all orders).

Join the many satisfied customers who’ve shopped with us before, and hear what they have to say about us.


Feature: Anti-puffiness, Moisturizing, Anti-aging

Furthermore, you can enjoy our convenient payment options and super appealing US $23.00 price of the Anti Aging Eyes Patches! Thus, it’s no wonder this product has proven to be very popular among our customers.


Is it smelly?
You’ve got no reason to worry about it! Because the materials used to make our Eyes Patches are of high quality and don’t give off any unpleasant scent.

Do you manufacture the products according to all the necessary requirements?
We can assure you that our goods, including the Eyes Patches, strictly live up to the necessary manufacturing standards because we care about their quality.

Will you charge a commission for transportation or something?
You can see the final price on the checkout page while making the purchase. It includes all the possible fees and taxes. Therefore, there can’t be any extra fees apart from this.

What’s your price for this?
The Eyes Patches will cost you US $23.00. We hope you’ll like it.

Do you mind if I make a review on this item?
We respect our customers’ opinions. Therefore, feel free to share your experience to help us get better.

Which benefits of this product did the previous buyers mention most often?
Quality comes above all. So our clients keep leaving positive reviews on our Eyes Patches stressing that they’ve got no regrets about the purchase.


Can you deliver my package to the address that is different from my place of living?
It’s not necessary to arrange the delivery to your residence address if you don’t want it. In other words, we will send your Eyes Patches to any location at your choice.

I want to order several units of the Eyes Patches. So should I worry about their simultaneous arriving?
No worries, because if you order several units, they will arrive simultaneously.

What payment method is it better to choose if I want to receive my order as soon as possible?
Choose the payment method you like more because it will not influence the order delivery time.

OMG! I’ve placed an order, but I think i’ve picked the wrong color! What do I do?
If you need to change your order or completely cancel it, please, contact our support team.

Can you prove your store is reliable?
We use secure payment methods for all our transactions and guarantee full refunds if your product gets damaged or lost during shipment. Besides, we have a lot of trusting and loyal customers – feel free to check out their feedback.

I want to buy this offline. In a simple store, for example. Is it possible?
Finding the same Eyes Patches in a regular store is only likely if someone resells these products. However, it usually means a higher price.

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Absolutely perfect, and finally the perfect eye mask for eyelashes! My customers immediately noticed that they are different from our normal customers and commented without any prompts. For me, they are the simplest cushions I have ever used. They are both thin and very soft, but they are incredibly strong. There is no sticky slime in the gel, and there are no fibers around the tweezers This is by far the best choice for me. I am very satisfied with them. Value for money is also an additional reward! Will be used again!


My wife: great product. Cool and replenish water. The first time you press gently but firmly along the eye patch, the patch will stay in place. I have sensitive eyes and soothing and degassing functions, with no irritation at all. Use the fun.


I've tried so many things to try and brighten my dark circles. I've used them 3 nights and I honestly started to see a difference the first time. It gets a little tingly at first and I was a little concerned but it quickly left. Good value for the price!!


Because of my work, I often have to work overtime at night, so my eyes often get puffy and the bags under my eyes get big.I can recover after the first day or two of rest, but now the situation is getting worse and worse.To my surprise, it did helped a lot to reduce swelling.I think I love it!


Lovely eye masks soothing to the eyes especially if they're sore but it lifts them bought them for a treat. I liked it. Packed in branded cardboard packaging. Packing is hermetically closed. There's a lot of fluid inside. There is a special spoon. These under eye masks are beautiful. Try putting them in the fridge then Apply under your eyes.

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