Anti-Cellulite Tone-Up Leggings

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Anti-Cellulite Tone-Up Leggings

Combat swollen elephant legs and circulation problems with these leg-shaping leggings.

Made of extra-soft cotton, these 3D-curve leggings slim and sculpt your legs using a point-to-point pressure system.



From waist to butt to thigh, reduce swelling and shape your lower body to a slimmer shape!



Octagonal mesh applies graduated compression to improve blood and lymph circulation, which helps tone legs and burn fat (even as you sleep).

Discover maximum pressure for maximum results. From the ankle to knee, feel gradual pressure in our leggings that are designed for comfort wherever you are. Great for women who need to stand or sit for long hours (e.g. long-haul flights or office work). Never fear varicose veins from long-term sitting again thanks to the special compression technology of these leggings.



✅Slim and tone

✅Reduce cellulite

✅Bust fat



Burns calories and tones your legs, 24/7 (even as you sleep)

Reduces swelling and fights off varicose veins by boosting circulation

Provides optimum pressure distribution from waist to ankle

Helps lift your hips and shape your legs

Designed with stretchy, lightweight, breathable mesh for maximum comfort

Mesh doesn’t pill or hook for worry-free, low-maintenance wear



Material: Nylon, Polyurethane, Cotton



1 pair of Anti-Cellulite Tone-Up Leggings


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I LOVE these leggings. I first saw this type of leggings on MTV and I was like wow they are really flattering. I happened to come across this and decided to buy one to give it a try. Having a baby 2 years ago I'm still struggling with my tummy weight and was worried if the top band would be too tight. When I put these on, the first thing I noticed was how soft the material was , the leggings just glided on so softly , and I felt an instant boost in my butt area. I showed my husband when he got home and he loved it. Perfect fit, perfect material ... I ended up ordering 2 more.


WOW!!!!! These give you the Brazilian bootie!!!! Ok so I’m embarrassed to say this but I’m 41 yrs old and my butt and hips are gross! I have wide hips and and a really small waist. But my butt kinda sags cause of getting older with cellulite and crap so every time I wear leggings I look horrible cause it shows my imperfections. But with these they hide all your flaws and make you look toned and lifts your butt and shrinks your hips and if you have problems in your mid area it will give you instant liposuction lol. Just buy them!! I’ve ordered so many more after my first purchase!!


Amazing!! I was a little nervous cuz it didn’t seem like the pants were going to fit me when I saw some reviews. But then I saw another reviewer with similar stats to me say it fit them and I bought them on a whim. Not only did they fit, they’re super flattering!! I already have a big butt and it’s SUPER hard to find pants that are comfortable and go up to my waist. These just slid right on, and I got a ton of compliments from friends! I am definitely gonna buy more and highly recommend!


These are the softest and most flattering pair of leggings I own! Better than expected. These are the perfect leggings to wear while running errands, working out or even lounging around! Looove them!


I absolutely love the leggings! I was worried about the butt part fitting too "sexy" but they fit nice and dont go in the crack. I love the texture they are comfortable and stretchy. They are most comfortable leggings I own now! They dont ride down like some other and have kind of a control top that goes up higher for mama tummy. I recommend the legging for sure!


Ok, so I didn't get my Hope's up too high due to mixed reviews and the price. These pants are AMAZING!!! They are super soft, warm and make my butt and legs look awesome!!! I'm really looking forward to wearing these to the gym. If they aren't squat proof then I'll change my review. So far, so good. I see myself buying more


These pants are awesome! The high waist band is flattering and slimming. The texture of the pants help smooth out the legs and butt. These are perfect for a workout, lounging around the house, or even to dress up with a nice shirt. I will love pairing these with an oversized sweater and knee high boots in the winter!


Comfortable, light and wearable even in warm weather. Hides imperfections like cellulite very well. It does leave the texture marks in your skin after wearing but really a non issue.


Um wow! I like big butts and I cannot lie. Haha these are very booty flattering. They are soft and comfortable. I already added another pair. You won’t be disappointed.


OMG!!!!! I love these leggings! There isn't a single complaint...fit is absolutely perfect, quality smooth material and the textered design gives these an extra edge fashion wise.


Haven't had a chance to workout in them yet but I did try them on. They are very comfortable and a good fit. The fabric is not thin and I expect to have them for a long time. I plan to order another pair soon.


I bought these because I saw them in a girl who works out at my gym and her butt looks AWESOME in them! I loved them on her so much that I bought 4 pairs. And let me tell you, I’m in LOVE with them on me!


It is most likely the cheapest online out of all the options I've looked up. Thanks to the store owner


Really glad they have it for sale. Met all my expectations!


tone up leggings arrived without defects. Thanks for secure packaging. I give you a 5 stars.


It's totally worth buying, I'm using it for the 2nd week already


excellent tone up leggings!


I've bought discounted anti-cellulite tone up leggings and can't be happier with a purchase


no problems in use, just like i wanted


the quality is very good! very impressed!


Thanks a lot!! All is OK!


Fast shipping, quality nice


I was definitely skeptical but damn! My butt and legs look amazing and now


I love these. They are exactly what I am looking for. They provide the high waist as promised & my butt was slightly lifted


Sooo glad I got my wife a pair!! Going to get more!

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