Detachable Makeup Mirror With Natural White LED Light

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You want it, we’ve got it. We introduce our newest Makeup Mirror With Natural White LED Light, available now — and it’s just US $21.00.

Our store delivers unbeatable quality and fast worldwide shipping — so you can get your Detachable Makeup Mirror right away.

Ready to buy but need some more convincing? Take a look at the features of the Mirror With Natural White LED Light below.


Size: Mirror

As you can see, the goods in our Supplies category have exceptional consumer properties due to the careful approach to their production, because in manufacturing, we use only the best materials and tools. If you want to learn about other features of this product, you’re more than welcome to ask any questions: our experienced support managers are always ready to help you.


Can I see more product variations?
You are welcome to choose from the variations shown on the product page, but make sure to double check what type of Makeup Mirror With Natural White LED Light you’re ordering before confirming it.

What’s so special about your Mirror With Natural White LED Light?
All of our items, including the Makeup Mirror With Natural White LED Light, are manufactured in accordance with the highest production standards. We also try to set the lowest prices, that’s why we’re sure that we provide our customers with the most tempting offers.

I like your Mirror With Natural White LED Light! What’s the price?
We appreciate your interest in our product above all. It costs only US $21.00.

Are you sure this is affordable for me?
US $21.00 isn’t as high as other online stores charge for similar products. However, it’s up to you to decide.

What if I don’t like it after it comes in the mail?
If there’s something wrong with your order or if it doesn’t suit you, we will return your money, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

What’s the most common thing your buyers are happy about when they order the Makeup Mirror With Natural White LED Light?
Customers stay satisfied with our Detachable Makeup Mirror and remark on its exceptional quality and catchy design. So don’t hesitate when ordering!


Will I get a refund if anything happens to the package?
We treasure our clients above all, so if something happens to your Detachable Makeup Mirror during transportation, we will return your money.

What about package? Is it secure enough?
The thing we’re concerned the most is the safety and security of our clients. That’s why we pack our products the best possible ways.

Is it still available?
There are enough products available, so we are looking forward to receiving your order!

Looks like I made a mistake when placing an order. How can I change the details or cancel the order?
Worry not, because you can easily make the necessary changes or call off your order by contacting our support team.

Can’t I simply buy the Detachable Makeup Mirror offline?
You’re not quite likely to find the items with all these variations offline. Moreover, if you manage to find them, the prices can be significantly higher.

Do you have a right to sell this kind of products?
You shouldn’t worry about it. When selling these products, we certainly do not break any Copyright laws.

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I recommend. Everything works. Wonderful!!! Thank you!!!


Excellent mirror, came sdecom, everything is whole, three modes work, touch button, there is a charger. It came already charged, everything worked immediately. Under the mirror is a small stand, you can only adjust up-down. Arrived the goods in Kursk for 2 + months, extended twice the protection from the store, answered in a couple of hours.


Very long sent. But it all came, the whole came. There are 3 backlight modes. I have not tried to charge yet.




To St. Petersburg 19.01.2020 - 26.03.2020 The item was not tracked. There were fears that the parcel will not come. But there was a miracle, delivered by courier to the house. Thank you!


It came in a month, in general, the whole, but part of the ring on the sensor does not burn, in principle, not critical, of course, but not pleasant. Not too bright (even at the maximum), the lamp is needed in any case (if you suddenly wanted to do only with this mirror)


I took it for a gift, everything works, everything is whole, thank you. buy it, you will not regret it!


Really good, the mirror is a bit bad cut buuut still a really good product :)


Product description very accurate


Excellent mirror


It's okay. The backlight works, but a little uncomfortable the plug need to be included in the computer or charger. And there is no button on the mirror. The Mirror of days came 18 before Irkutsk.


The order was not tracked anywhere, apparently, the track was not the same. The mirror itself is a little flimsy, because it is disassembled. In general, for their money is a normal and cute mirror. The backlight works. Delivered directly to the apartment by courier.


Ordered 27.01 3 mirrors for a gift on March 8, delivery was promised by the end of February. DHL track was not tracked, store sent automatic unsubscribe to any of my emails. As a result, delivered only on March 26. The mirrors themselves are excellent, without marriage, whole. But the seller himself minus 5 stars.


Very beautiful mirror, thank you very much! For such a price just super, I recommend the store!




I liked it very much


Mirror class! 3 Modes. it is also possible to adjust brightness. Touch button.


Cool mirror) came the whole) everything works


Unfortunately, the delivery time came out, the money was returned, it took a very long time, but it's not the fault of the store, as always lost in Russia, and sdecom!! Mirror is good, everything works, I recommend, thank you!


Waited a very long time, ordered on January 15, sent on February 19, received on March 27. And so everything works

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