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You asked. We answered. Our popular Double Sided Sandpaper Nail File is back in stock — just choose your Ships From and Color and click ADD TO CART to buy.

With our store, we promise you:

  • Reliable worldwide delivery
  • 100% security
  • An easy return policy


Size: 17.8 x 2.8 x 0.4 cm
Material: Acrylic, Plastic, Sandpaper, Sponge

We hope the incredible Double Sided Nail File we offer will make you happy with the purchase! After all, this attractive range of features looks very promising, doesn’t it?


I like the Double Sided Nail File, but I want another Ships From and Color. Do you have other options?
Please, take a look at the product page: there, you can see all Double Sided Nail File options that are available for purchase. Moreover, we update the variations as soon as we get new supplies.

What about quality? Do you produce this item according to all the manufacturing requirements?
Worry not, because all our products (and the Double Sided Nail File as well) must meet the required standards before we offer them to our customers.

Seems really interesting. But I’m concerned whether this is affordable.
US $13.00 isn’t as high as other online stores charge for similar products.

Will I have to pay extra fees when buying your Double Sided Nail File?
On the checkout page, you will see the total price. This is the final price, so no extra expenses will be necessary.

Do you give a refund if the item doesn’t suit me?
If there’s something wrong with your order or if it doesn’t suit you, we will return your money, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

I kind of like the Double Sided Nail File. But am I making the right choice?
It’s a very popular product we sell really often. Moreover, our clients tend to be highly satisfied with their choice!


If I buy several units of the same product, will you send them one by one?
Even if your order includes several units, they should come simultaneously, so that you could pick them up in one go.

Can I get my Nail File delivered to another address? I mean, not the place of my residence?
Glad to inform you that it’s of no importance to us where and to whom to send the package. Therefore, you can freely indicate an address different from your place of living.

How many of these are left?
Even though the number of the items available for purchase is decreasing daily, there will be enough product units for you if you place your order today. So hurry up!

Can I buy your Double Sided Nail File right now?
There are enough products available, so we are looking forward to receiving your order!

What makes you better than other stores?
We work directly with manufacturers, which is why we can offer affordable prices for all our products. Moreover, we pay much attention to the customer service, and our support team is always willing to help you in solving any problems.

Is everything legal about you selling these products?
There is no reason for you to worry about the legal side of our operation because we have the permission to sell all the products listed in our store.

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I think they are very good ace and have very good price, perfect for permanent enamel manicure. Fast shipping to Spain!


Not much to say, they are great files and will make filing acrylic easy. I love them and I will repurchase.


I love them like liman, and more their price, I always ask and ask here. They're great.


Thank you! The files are super!!! For a long time, but it's because of the virus... I'm happy) I recommend!


Excellent files. Delivered within a month to the mailbox. Track wasn't tracked. I'm happy with the purchase.


Koronovirus has deprived me of the parcel. Very sorry. I'll try to order again.


Frankly nothing to blame as on the description just the waiting time has been completely exceeded


Good, small files, I order not the first time. Advise!!! Delivery less than a month.


Cool nail file. Little long you had to wait for the parcel but was worth.


No problem with delivery, and files are perfect I recommend them. merciiiiii

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