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We’ve got it here at this online store. Our newest product arrival, Matcha Peeling Gel, gives you what you want for a price you can pay. Press ADD TO CART to enjoy this tempting offer of just US $12.00!

Wondering what makes the Matcha Exfoliating Gel so special? Then keep reading!


Sounds tempting, doesn’t it? Moreover, it’s your chance to buy this premium quality product at a low price! However, if you don’t believe us, look at the feedback our previous customers left and hurry up to click on ADD TO CART before we’ve sold it out!


Do your products meet the manufacturing standards?
All the products you see in our store, including the Matcha Peeling Gel live up to all the necessary manufacturing requirements since we strive to offer the highest quality.

Is it available in some other colors?
We are showing all the available variations on the product page, so feel free to take a look at the description of the Matcha Peeling Gel!

The price is really low. Why?
We work directly with the suppliers. Thus, we are able to cut down the expenses on logistics.

Is it the final price? Do I have to pay any additional fees?
When placing an order, you can see the final price of the item including all the fees. So, after you have confirmed the order, no additional fees are charged.

Is this product right for me?
You have no reason to question your choice because this is one of the greatest market offers in terms of its value for money!

Is there some positive feedback about your Matcha Peeling Gel?
Most of our customers were happy with their purchase. Furthermore, they mentioned impressive quality and affordability as the product’s most valued benefits.


Can you provide the delivery to somewhere other than my place of residence?
We will carry out the delivery irrespective of the fact whether it’s your personal address or someone else’s place of living. So don’t worry about it.

When I order online, the product sometimes arrives damaged. Are you sure my Matcha Peeling Gel will survive the transportation?
We take packing responsibly since it’s one of the most crucial aspects of online shopping. So, you have nothing to worry about!

How do I order my Exfoliating Peeling Gel?
Click on the you want to buy, then click ADD TO CART button. After that, you will need to indicate your first and second names, address, etc., and pay for the order. Then relax and wait! We will do everything possible to send your package in the shortest time.

Does the delivery always take as long as you state?
We perform an in-depth research to evaluate the time of your Matcha Peeling Gel delivery as accurately as possible. Yet, some factors we’re unable to predict might influence the actual shipping time slightly.

Can I go out and buy the Matcha Exfoliating Gel in a mall or supermarket?
Most typically, offline stores provide a more limited range of products. Besides, they commonly set much higher prices due to numerous extra business expenses.

Why should I buy from you? Because other shops sell similar products.
We offer a wide range of items, highly detailed product information and illustrative media files. In addition, all our products are made of high-quality and safe materials, and we try to keep our prices as low as we can.

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I liked it very much, it works, it smells nice!


I love it leaves skin super soft


Very nice and comfortable. I can recommend store and product.


It's been a long time. In the parcel put a gift. I haven't tried it yet.


I can not believe that for such a price can be such a good tool. I would compare it to Erborian mask-scrub with coal. There is a small smell of fresh-herbal, but after washing on the skin it does not remain. I will definitely order myself and my sister. It came to the point of issue of SDEC (it was not very convenient, because. It was necessary to take it yourself, it would be better to send it to the Post Office)


It arrived before the deadline and very well packed, it has a nice smell, lack of proof. When I try it for a while I'll put up update but it looks really good


49 days delivery. Everything has come. I ordered the first time: I really liked the effect of the next morning. I noticed that acne became less, after the first application. I apply once a week, after cleaning the foam.


Everything is perfectly packed well thank you very much


Just like the picture, I have to prove it.


For the first time I’ve ordered a liquid form product n I’d like to say I’m satisfied with the packaging. No leakage product is perfect. Results are worth it

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