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We’ve got it here at this online store. Our newest product arrival, Peeling Hand Wax, gives you what you want for a price you can pay. Press ADD TO CART to enjoy this tempting offer of just US $19.00!

Wondering what makes the Peeling Hand Wax so special? Then keep reading!


Feature: Moisturizing
Press ADD TO CART to buy your Hand Wax right now and enjoy these and lots of other benefits because you deserve this exceptional product!


Do the colors on the photos match the real ones?
The colors in the images of our Peeling Hand Wax are real. Some gadgets and devices could slightly change colors. So, make sure yours gives the real picture.

Is it available in some other colors?
We list all the available variations of the Peeling Hand Wax on the product page. So, feel free to choose the ones you like!

Are there any additional taxes to pay?
There could be some taxes depending on your location. If so, you’ll see it included in the price of your Hand Wax on the checkout page.

What’s your price for this?
The price for a single product is US $19.00.

I received my order, but it doesn’t suit me. Can I get a refund?
Please, let us know if anything in the order leaves you unhappy. We’ll solve this issue together! Furthermore, if it doesn’t help, we will return your money.

When I buy something in an online store, I always share my experience in my blog. Is it OK with your goods?
It’s totally OK to post the photo of your purchase anywhere you want. Furthermore, we’d really appreciate that!


Is it possible to buy several products from you at once?
Feel free to fill your Shopping cart with any number of products because there’s no limitation on that.

How do you avoid your products breaking on their way to customers?
We treat proper product packaging as our top priority because we understand how important it is for customers all over the globe to receive their purchases in perfect condition.

Will the delivery take as long as you promise?
As a rule, the actual shipping time proves to be true to our preliminary estimates. Still, please allow for 2-3 days’ difference in case of local events influencing delivery companies’ performance.

How can I buy the Peeling Hand Wax?
Click on the Smell you like, add the product to your cart and go to the checkout page. After that, fill in all the required fields and click on the order confirmation button. We will get your Peeling Hand Wax ready for shipment as soon as we get your payment.

Can I find the same Hand Wax in a regular store?
It might be challenging to find a completely identical product in a regular store. Even if you do, the price will certainly be higher than on our website.

Is it legal for you to distribute these products?
You can be sure that we obey every legal rule required to sell the Peeling Hand Wax. In other words, all our products are absolutely legal.

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Arrived quickly. Packed securely. seller thanks for the promptness and quality packing!

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