Portable Electric Drying Clothes Hanger

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The Portable Electric Clothes Drying Hanger

Never Worry About Your Wet Clothes Or Shoes Taking A Day To Dry!



✅ Convenient Drying: The portable drying hanger allows you to hang on clothes and turn on the dryer function. Since your clothing drapes over the air vents, hot air flows inside the fabric, speeding up water absorption. This hanger cuts down natural-air drying to just three hours.


✅ Power in One Size: Get the power of a conventional dryer in the palm of your hand. Dual-action hot-cold technology in this hanger makes it the coolest and most advanced way to dry (and store/hang) your clothes. Take this baby on work trips and vacation for an efficient and compact way to keep yourself looking fresh and feeling clean. No more paying for drying services at a hotel or draping your clothes over a balcony outside.


✅ Handles Anything: From suits to t-shirts and handbags, this electric dryer hanger is versatile for all your laundry needs.


✅ Your New Travel Buddy: Lightweight and portable, bring this foldable, palm-sized hanger with you for clean clothing on the go. A plastic build means zero lint and a smart design means minimal noise.



✅ Some Like It Hot, Some Cold: Convenient settings allow for cool or hot air based on your needs. Plus, choose from the automated three-hour drying setting or turn it off for natural drying without any assistance.


SmartDryer™ | The Portable Electric Clothes Drying Hanger


Plug Type: US Plug

Model: 857105

Power: 150W

Voltage: 110-220V 50Hz

Size: 16.5x3x7 inches

Cable Length: 70.9 inches

Waterproof Level: IPX1

Carrying Weight: 5-10kg

Power Protection: Yes

Bracket Material: Plastic



SmartDryer™ | The Portable Electric Clothes Drying Hanger



Clothes Dryer Package Includes:

1 x Electric Clothes Hanger

2 x Drying Pipes

1 x Storage Bag


Clothes Dryer + Shoes Tubes Package Includes:

1 x Electric Clothes Hanger

2 x Drying Pipes

2 x Drying Tubes

1 x Storage Bag

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Pros: +Exactly as pictured/described +Good quality and overall construction +Seem sturdy: easily holds heavy wedding gown +Giftable Cons: None Overall, a great, cost-effective purchase! Will update review if anything changes.


i love this item!! i have bought this item at least three times and i plan to get more in the future!! fast shipping great seller and such a cool product!! i use this for my vintage closet with items of my grandmas my vintage night gowns and Robes and pajamas!! love love!!


I wear lightweight sweaters to work almost everyday and was tired of folding them and then having to try to iron or steam out the wrinkles. This hanger works really well for keeping them ready-to-wear at all times.


I needed a dryer when I travel for quick things and especially for shoes or trainers. Works well, needs little bit time but is working. It is practical and can be easily putted in the suitcase. Good product!


These work well for keeping dress shirts from getting stretched out. They're neither too large or too small. What else can I say about a hanger!


There is nothing worse than grabbing a sweater out of the closet for an important event and noting that the hanger impression is not going away-not a good look! Thankfully, this hanger does the trick!


No odor at all. When I unwrapped these hangers, there was no odor. Other similar products reported odor - but these hangers had no odor. Clothes do not slip off of the hangers. They are beautiful, high quality, and appear they will last. I recommend these hangers. Yes, I would buy them again and they would be wonderful as a gift!


I use this to dry out my walking shoes which normally take days


Good quality hanger - I did not notice any smell. I love to use this for shoes


Love these hangers for my sweaters and jersey knit hangable items. I hate having bumps in the shoulders of my clothes when I pull them out of the closet, these hangers fix that problem well.


These hangers were a gift to my wife. She uses them to dry her sweaters. They seem to do the job and her sweaters do not get stretched.


This is great to hang anything you don’t want creased in the shoulders. I hang my sweaters on it.


I absolutely LOVE this product. It is perfect for knits, and all other soft fabrics. Perfect for gifts - women will love it.


These are just what I was looking for. I needed some hangers that were narrower than the regular hangers (wooden) that you find most places and strong enough to hold coats.


Delighted with this . Great quality and quick delivery.


This is a great deal and fairly high quality for the price. I use it to hand my delicates and sweaters in the closet.


These are a great deal and fairly high quality for the price. I use them to hand my delicates and sweaters in the closet. They are very cool hangers and my clothing stays on the hanger very well.


Very beautiful! Arrived well packed and protected. Thanks!


Just upgraded my closet to be more custom and these look great in it and are so much better then the plastic hangers we had. The price works compared to other stores.


I use this for sweaters or ant delicate tops.


These work great for my sweaters so that the shoulders don't show hanger marks or get stretched. I've purchased several times over past year to replace other hangers with these.


These are well made and sized perfectly for adult sweaters and dresses.


I like these hangers so much I reordered a couple of times. They are nice looking and sturdy.


So happy with this purchase. This is perfect for sweaters with wide necks or heavy sweaters. No slipping off hanger!


Shipping was very fast. Quality of the is really good. Highly recommend this shop :)

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